“The job of the artist, great or small, is to serve.” Gratefulness as The Phoenix releases on iTunes

Hello, Friends —

There’s still a sense of loss reverberating around Minneapolis as I write this. Prince was in the fabric of Minneapolis and he certainly shaped the picture and culture of this place in profound ways. I got a chance to head down to First Avenue to pay my respects yesterday, and was taken by the wide variety of people gathering around the silver star with his name in it.

As Madeleine L’Engle puts it so well in her book Walking On Water, “If the work comes to the artist and says, ‘Here I am, serve me,’ then the job of the artist, great or small, is to serve.”

In this context, the purple shadow of Prince stretching from Minneapolis to all over the place, that I humbly share that The Phoenix is now on iTunes. I’m proud of this album and what it has become to me and to listeners. It’s amazing how, after it was created, this album turned around and told me things about who I am and who I am becoming. That alone makes the process worthwhile for me.

That said, I did the recording so I could attempt to share and communicate with anyone who might hear it. It blesses me to hear stories from people about how a songs speak to them, or to get to SEE the songs meeting and speaking when I play them live. It’s a satisfying, wonderful, and humbling thing. You surely have those experiences in your life from time to time, whether you make music or not; you give something of yourself, often out of your own pain and suffering, and it somehow connects and encourages new life. I love those moments. I’d love to hear about your experiences like this, if you’d care to comment below.

I’m grateful for my collaborators on this album: Claas P. Jambor, Brandon McCoy, Michelle Hord, Jeremiah Toole, Florian Eilers, and the slew of friends, family, and fans who supported the Kickstarter campaign.

So, here it is – The Phoenix, the album that was more aptly named than I’d have thought.

If you like the album, I’d love it if you’d be willing to write a review and share it with a friend.  Thank you for your support of me and the Law Collective! Here’s the link:


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