TWO joins ONE from The Law Collective

This news item is pretty big for me, friends. As you’re likely aware, this collective includes a number of bands and projects, and for me it’s always been deep friendship and faith that keeps this thing going. 

A collection of songs a group of us have been working on for a LONG time are becoming available now. Three EPs, released as The Law Collective, are on the way. The first, ONE, dropped in the fall. As winter arrived, so did TWO. Get ready for some greasy guitar work, some passionate moments that aren’t overproduced, and some friends of mine you haven’t heard on a Collective project yet.

I couldn’t be more excited for you to hear it. We don’t have lots of social media and promotional machinery, so thank you for listening and sharing it with someone else who would like it. 

Much love to you and see you soon — Justin   

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