Law to Phx is the Alt Americana project of Minneapolis singer/songwriter Justin Law and a rotating cast of friends.

With Law to Phx, Justin swaps the electric guitar of his band The River High for the acoustic guitar, and the influences of Patty Griffin, as well as Minnesota legends like Jayhawks and Gear Daddies, signal their presence.

The album I Got Scared in the Summertime was recorded and produced over the span of two summers with Law’s longtime friend Matt Uttech. The two hadn’t collaborated in a few years, but that changed with a call from Matt. The goal became one that is common to projects coming out of The Law Collective: to make something that was shaped by collaboration and friendship.

Justin and Matt began with songs Justin had been writing as a follow up to his album The Phoenix. The album could have been sponsored by local beer or local pizza spot Pizza Luce. Musicians joining Law on the album are lead guitarist Steve Bosmans, bassist Mark L. Jonsson, local singer/songwriters Brianna Kocka and Naomi Marie, and Uttech on multiple instruments.

The album’s lead single “Snow King,” dropped in April 2020. It is the only track that doesn’t sound like summer, but it follows the album’s recurring themes our pasts affecting our present and reaching for the deeper questions. The album is both spiritual and earthy, drawing often from the culture and climate of Minnesota.

I Got Scared in the Summertime is now available now on digital platforms.