Law the Phx is the Americana/alt country project of Minneapolis singer/songwriter Justin Law. 

From a very young age, Justin was drawn to the muscular intensity of hard rock and heavy metal, but he also had an affinity for the earthier tones and self-disclosure of old school country.

He led and played electric as leader of Minneapolis alt rock outfit Northern Diving Co for a number of years, but subtler musical influences began to explore the more understated beauty of the acoustic guitar.

And when Justin took his voice outside of the electrified band setting, tinges of The Alarm, Patty Griffin, and the Minnesota alt country of Gear Daddies and the Jayhawks came to the surface.

Law’s spiritual and social experience growing up was shaped by being a preacher’s son. Law has spent most his life sorting and sifting through the sacred and profane and asking the questions that arise, and his lyrics show it.

The first single from Law the Phx’s yet-to-be-titled album is due to release in the first quarter of 2020.