The Law Collective is a group of artists connected by friendship and faith. 

Our motto, “We never create alone,” highlights that our favorite kinds of creativity are collaborative and sacred.  

The Collective includes different bands and projects, currently including Law to Phx, The River High, Rena, LWN MWR, as well as the late great Northern Diving Co.

Now, a number of us have teamed up to make some music designed especially for worship gatherings and experience. The Law Collective’s upcoming album Three In One, which is being released as a series of three EPs, melds rootsy, guitar-driven Americana with spiritual passion and intimacy. We’re so excited!

The first EP in the series, ONE, includes two songs birthed out of Law Collective leader Justin Law’s local church. Family With You is an upbeat countrified declaration of belonging to Jesus, with group vocals from the worship leaders of Law’s church family. Your Compassions Never Fail, a songwriting collaboration between Law and Darren Varieur, creates a space for waiting that morphs into a spontaneous jam that was captured real-time in the studio. The three-song EP ends with Repentance Song, a multi-author collaboration featuring the three vocalists on the album all taking turns. 

TWO, the second EP, kicks off with How Beautiful You Are, a pulsing praise song that inspired the whole album’s greasy sonic approach. My Shepherd, Law’s personal rephrasing of Psalm 23, had observers in the control room singing along right away during tracking – Maybe not helpful to the engineer, but encouraging to the songwriters! The EP ends with Part Of Your Story, a song birthed from a group songwriting effort from all the album’s musicians on the last day of instrument tracking. 

THREE shows the range of expression this group of musicians and writers can cover. In a world that gives a never ending list of things to obtain, Deepest Well digs down for a promise that fulfills. You’ll Never Stop is an exuberant call-and-response between Justin Law and Anabeth Morgan that hints at the Funkytown influences from Law’s hometown of Minneapolis. The simple and vulnerable Make Me Gracious rounds out this collection, humbly asking to receive God’s heart. 

THREE IN ONE is a family-of-faith affair from all over the United States, as every musician has a long history in the Vineyard Movement of churches. The project features vocals by songwriters Justin Law of Minneapolis and Denver’s Anabeth Morgan, as well as Kansas Citian songwriter/producer Claas P. Jambor. The band is an all-Southern California ensemble of brothers Darren and Wade Varieur on guitar and drums, and Casey Corum on bass and keys.

In twists combining both the past and present, the instruments were tracked at Casey’s Brea Canyon Recording with some of the very same gear used on many classic Vineyard albums that inspired Law in the first place. Vocal tracking was set up in Colorado in the rustic cabin of a Mile High Vineyard staff member. Stay tuned as the parts of THREE IN ONE come via Minnesota, California, and Colorado to you. 

ONE released summer’s end 2022, TWO in fall 2022, and THREE in winter 2023. They are available on all digital platforms right now.