Welcome. Our motto in The Law Collective is “We never create alone.” We think everything we make, even when we’re not fully aware of it, happens because we’ve first received and we all need at least a little help along the way. 

The Law Collective is the amazing group of people I get to create alongside. The Collective bore my name at first because it was just a couple different musical things I did. These days, I get to be the common denominator. I know every artist and collaborator here, and I also know what I do wouldn’t be much without them.  

We’re friends who create together and love each other. Many of us in the collective share a faith that informs our art and lives, but love isn’t defined by titles or confined by boxes. I think the same can be said of art. 

Thanks for being here. Thanks for your ears. Thanks for your support. We hope to interact with you here and see you out there. 

Love and grace – Justin Law