Relationship and collaboration are part of the artistry, and much more than musical skill is required. The output of The Law Collective would not be possible without the contributions of these beautiful and creative people. Meet the our Collaborators:


Claas P. Jambor – Claas has been an instrumental part (both literally and figuratively) in a number of Collective projects. He has producer, co-writer, and playing credits on Justin Law’s The Phoenix, was the producer on The River High’s debut EP, manned the helm on The River High’s 2018 Blood & Darkness, and also did mix (and magic) on “One Star,” Justin’s contribution to the Merry Christmas Good Night compilation album. He does lots of stuff, if you’re looking for some surfing. Check out his work as a solo artist and as part of the Fountain City crew.  (He’s German, if you couldn’t tell.)

Matt Uttech – Matt was once a member of Northern Diving Co on guitar, then moved on to focus on his notable bass chops in a number of different bands, and has added music production and mixing to his list of credentials. Matt and Justin were happy partners in crime in the creation of the 2020 Law the Phx release. (Surprising that two Iron Maiden fans would make such good Americana music.)

Matt Patrick – Matt has been a like-hearted friend of Justin’s for about 20 years now, and The River High was so pleased and blessed to record the rhythm tracks for Blood & Darkness at Matt’s amazing The Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis. He’s one of the truly ultimate teammates, hosts, and resident geniuses of sonic creation. (He even managed the challenging task of cutting off a near lifetime’s work of dreadlock growth without losing an ounce of his identity.)

Chambs Chamberlain – Chambs met Justin long ago, and he’s been friends with Nate Moore for quite a while. When Nate called Chambs to see if he’d mix LWN MWR’s first song (“A Name”) on short notice, he was up to the task and did a great job. (Yes, I admit the first thing I said to Chambs when introduced was, “Hi, James.”)

Jeremiah Toole – At the suggestion of Justin’s friend Steve Jones, Jeremiah was contacted about producing the album Wait for the Dawn, Law’s collection of songs designed for use in his faith community. Jeremiah and Justin crashed on Steve’s floor and hammered out most of the instrument and vocal tracks together. What started as a simple acoustic album became something quite a bit more. (Look for some beautiful music he made with BearFace.) Jeremiah also played some electric guitar on The Phoenix.

Graphics, Photography, & Copy Editing

Cory & Tamrah Ryan/CT Ryan Photo – Cory and Tamrah at CT Ryan are among the nicest folks around. Cory’s excellent photographic work is all over Justin Law’s album The Phoenix. Cory will also be better than you at your favorite sport, even if he’s never played it before. Cory was so much fun to work with that The River High asked him to go another round for Blood & Darkness. The results are pretty stunning. (And CT Ryan does an absolutely killer job on weddings, folks.)

Kevin Dawson – Kevin’s work has appeared on The River High’s “the owl one”show poster from the 2016 Cabooze show, as well as a number of graphics tweaks that made Justin’s life a lot easier. (Yes, I initially thought the owl idea sounded crazy, too.) Kevin then took a run at the artwork for Blood & Darkness (Killed it.) and continues to lend a hand on show poster, t-shirt, and sticker designs.

Kathy Favilla – Kathy is a mult-talented creative who loves explaining things to people who don’t understand web stuff, and Justin knows this firsthand. Her ideas, tweaks, and contributions are all over this site. She can be found here. (And she plays a mean tele.)

Lisa Heaner – Lisa is an incredible singer and an even better friend who makes people more alive through her care and prayers for them. She’s “been there at the beginning” more than once with Justin, singing harmonies for some of his first solo gigs and also at the release party for the album Wait for the Dawn. She’s  wicked smart and helps with copy editing and ideation. (How you like them apples? A lot.)

Bryon Anderson – Bryon is a brother of The River High’s Jason Anderson, and was one of the most consistent attenders of TRH shows (even showing up to rock in Duluth!), and he was gracious enough to help with the graphics formatting on TRH’s EP. Bryon passed suddenly in 2017, the same week that TRH’s Kickstarter for Blood & Darkness met its goal. Justin and Rena were honored to be part of the music for Bryon’s memorial service, and the band dedicated the album to him. Bryon is missed and will always have the distinction of being the first host of a TRH basement show.

Charissa Gudknecht – Charissa helped Justin’s processing at the official beginning of The Law Collective. After conversations about the purpose and goals of the Collective, she designed the Collective’s phoenix logo (based off of one of Justin’s tattoos), color scheme, and website. When The Phoenix became the title of Justin’s solo album, she did the album artwork and the first batch of Law Collective/Phoenix tees as well. You can find out more about her here.

Patricia Youker/Twisted Root Photography – Patricia braved the Minneapolis cold (and convinced The River High to go along) and captured the band shots featured on The River High EP. (Shots are at the famed Nye’s Polonaise Room, RIP.)

Denise Jambor – Before Denise became the wife of Claas Jambor, she was a rising talent in the field of photography. It is only continuing in that direction. During the recording of the guitar and vocal tracks for The River High’s Blood & Darkness album, Denise volunteered to shoot new solo shots for Justin (Because there was now a version of Justin walking around with facial hair and maybe everyone would be shocked and confused without prior notice, etc.). She knew exactly where and when to go and how to make a person feel comfortable. And she did it all in time for us to still meet up for Thai food with Claas and Rena. If you need someone excellent in the Kansas City area, check her out here.


Debbie Moe – Debbie is a dear friend of many in the Collective, and she is a talented singer and keys player. She has played multiple shows with Justin, and brings an amazing voice and fun attitude to everything she’s part of. (Justin doesn’t know much about essential oils, but what he does know is because of Debbie. She could be your hook-up.)

Steve Jones – Steve is one of the driving forces behind what has become Fountain City Music, and he’s one of Justin’s dearest friends and biggest supporters. It’s quite staggering how many of these Collaborators are people Justin met through Steve.  Technically, Steve’s only musical credit associated with the Collective is singing background vocals on a couple of the Wait for the Dawn tracks, but he’s instrumental to and emblematic of what The Law Collective is all about.

Michelle Hord – Justin first met Michelle while attending Steve Jones’ wedding in Kansas City (which also happened to be the same weekend Justin met Claas Jambor, so it was very nice of Steve to get married and make all of this possible). When it was decided that Justin’s album The Phoenix could use some female harmonies, Michelle was at the top of the list and answered the call. She and her husband Zach are supremely talented and do all kinds of musical stuff together, including a country-flavored duo, lots of hired-gunning, and bunch of stuff with Fountain City.

Brandon McCoy – Brandon and Justin met as part of a traveling mini-tour (not on a minotaur, although that sounds like a better story) in 2003, and their friendship probably couldn’t have formed any faster. Justin always appreciated playing guitar when Brandon was on the drums, as well as loving his work with Autumn In Repair and as part of Jeremy Riddle’s live touring band (who kidnapped Justin and took him around Minnesota with them at one point, but that’s a different minotaur…um, mini-tour… and story for another time). Brandon was willing to come in a play drums as a zilch-money huge favor on Wait for the Dawn, and you can also hear his excellent work on The Phoenix.

Marie Bergling – Marie has the distinction of being the Collective’s Swedish representative. Justin had the pleasure and honor of meeting a group of great Scandinavian musicians in Minnesota during 2004, and it resulted in friendships and a few trips for Justin to the Nordic nations. Marie’s voice is wonderful and one of Justin’s favorites, and it miraculously worked out that she would be in Kansas City during the final recording stages of Justin’s album Wait for the Dawn. Marie sings on nearly all the tracks and adds something wonderful. She’s also in an all-female band called Melon (that’s “Meh-LONE” to us Americans), and they’re freaking awesome and a little crazy.