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Justin’s thoughts as The Phoenix emerges on iTunes

Greetings to you, my fine friends —

I am especially aware of the importance and beauty of music as I type this today, because we have just lost one of the most amazing musicians and artists to come out of my fair state of Minnesota. Thank you, Prince. Let’s Go Crazy was one of the best things I ever heard, and the list of songs of yours I appreciate is long. I already miss you not being in this world, consistently blowing our minds with amazing music your whole life long. Comfort and blessings to your family.

Looking back on the last calendar year, it’s been incredible for me, musically and artistically. The River High’s album released and we started playing quite a bit — Truly great shows that were shared with many of you! We’ve been glad to be a busy band (and we’re going to reappear locally very soon!).

Behind the scenes, it was strange and wonderful how my solo activity and performing began to increase as well. I had thought I might focus only on TRH…that I’d only have bandwidth to deal with one or the other project at one time. But both are currently running and building at the same time. It’s quite amazing to me, and I have you who support me to thank.

When I started playing more frequent solo shows, I realized that I needed to get The Phoenix up on iTunes (It made a brief and un-promoted appearance as J. Law – The Phoenix, but I pulled it when I ditched alter-egos and started performing as Justin Law). So….

The Phoenix will finally be available on iTunes 4.22.16 (tomorrow)! Many of you have supported this album from the beginning with our successful Kickstarter campaign, and many of you have a CD copy in your able possession. The songs on this album are gaining new ears and are being played live (next Justin Law show is 6.6.16 at Lee’s Liquor Lounge!), and at one point I had thought it might simply be a studio recording. I had no idea I was naming it so well — It’s having a brighter second life after the quiet initial life I gave it.

Tomorrow, I’d ask two things of you:

  1. Let any music-loving friends of yours know there’s an album you love that’s now available on iTunes.
  2. Write a review and star the album up if you love it.

Thank you so much for your support of the music we’re making. Cheers and God bless.


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